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The Royal Oolong Tea No.12

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Boy's The Royal Oolong Tea No.12 (200gms)

This is a lightly-oxidized tea that has a delicate floral aroma and a fresh and slightly sweet taste. It is a great tea to drink any time of day.

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The Royal Oolong Tea No.12, also known as Jin Xuan is produced by The Royal Project. The Royal Project in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand is famous for it’s socially progressive and ecologically sensitive production methods.

The Royal Oolong Tea No.12

Green tea has powerful health benefits including antioxidants, and just a couple of cups a day can boost your disease fighting capability, but did you know of which it’s also an aid in weight loss.

One Teelamass per teapot (appx. 3g), temperature 95°C, time 1-2 minutes for the first infusion and additional 10s for each further infusion. Rinse the leaves before use gentle with hot water.
Our Royal Oolong Tea can be re-brewed a number of times – have fun identifying the varying flavours in each steeping!
Use a small tea pot and make several infusions with the same leaves.