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Peaberry Organic Coffee

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Boy’s Peaberry Organic Coffee (9oz/250g)
Medium-roasted coffee are balanced with smooth and rich flavors.



Ranked among the world’s elite coffees, is the only Thai-grown, certified organic, fair trade coffee there is. These beautiful little coffee beans are grown in Northern Thailand. Unlike regular coffee beans, Peaberry has just one bean in each berry, opposed to two.

Peaberry Organic Coffee

This top class coffee oozes subtlety yet lacks neither strength nor body. It has a gentle fruity sweetness a bit like fresh cherries, while filling the mouth with all the sensuality of a full-bodied wine. The aroma? We smell raisin with woody hints of forest pine.
100% Arabica. A supremely smooth and sensuous fair trade beauty.

Organically grown in the Highlands of Thailand, Boy’s Peaberry Organic Coffee, made from the Arabica bean has an intense, intricate aroma and superior taste.
Expertly roasted for optimum flavor, Boy’s Organic Coffee is well-balanced, rich and smooth. Grown completely without chemicals, it is sourced from independent Hill Tribe Farmers.

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3 reviews for Peaberry Organic Coffee

  1. Andria Von Lossberg

    We just finished the last drop of the peaberry that we bought in your little coffee house, it was fabulous! We are missing your shop, and you very delicious coffee!

  2. Kanokwan

    Greeting from Phuket. We love your coffee, organic Peaberry. Taste really good and it’s about to run out. I need some more as soon as possible so looking forward to seeing you in Samui again soon.

  3. Viktor Popov

    Find a good coffee – a great success. Thai coffee – unusual and delicious. Tried cappuccino. I did not expect such a taste in the coffee-milk mix. After 5 minutes, I asked for an espresso and I was right. Very rich. Dark roast, but there is no typical bitterness.

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