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Organic Mocha. 100% Arabica Coffee

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Boy’s Organic Mocha (9oz/250g)

The world’s most famous coffee blend; full-bodied, bittersweet chocolate overtones enhance Mocha-Java’s rich, complex flavors.



100% Arabica. A supremely smooth and sensuous fair trade beauty.

Organic Mocha Coffee

Organically grown in the Highlands of Thailand. Boy’s Organic Mocha, made from the Arabica Coffee bean has an intense, intricate aroma and superior taste.

The Mocha bean is derived from the coffee species arabica. In appearance they are very small, hard, round with an irregular shape and olive green to pale yellow in colour. The coffee bean has a distinct flavor. Due to the similar name, it is sometimes being confused with a chocolate flavored coffee.

Expertly roasted for optimum flavor, Boy’s Mocha is well-balanced, rich and smooth. Grown completely without chemicals, it is sourced from independent Hill Tribe Farmers.

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